Your Last Roofing Project Starts With Us

MA Thompson Roofing has served generations of families in the North Hills ofPittsburgh since 1976. Begun by Mike Thompson in the back of a pick up truck,MA Thompson has grown signifcantly from its rootsbut fiercely maintains itspride in providing best-in-market workmanship, backed by our 10 year warranty.From the initial estimate through the final cleanup, you'll never see a dripedge out of place or a spare shingle on your yard.


Choosing a roofing company with extensive experience can make all the difference when it comes to the longevity and performance of your roof. For five decades, M.A. THOMPSON has offered customers superior workmanship, understanding the intricacies of different roofing systems, materials, installation techniques, and repair methods.

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A roofing system’s performance and durability heavily rely on proper installation. M.A. THOMPSON is an assurance of attention to detail, ensuring that roofing materials are installed correctly, adhering to industry standards and manufacturer specifications.

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Value of a quality roof is much more than the price tag. With M.A. THOMPSON value is a combination of quality workmanship, reliability, customer service, expertise, cost-effectiveness, safety, aesthetics, compliance and long-term performance. Value is delivered with a quality roof that provides service for years to come.

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M.A. Thompson roofing has done multiple projects on my home including a new roof and soffit and fascia. The owner (Mike) was very responsive throughout each project and walked me through the details prior to starting. He also was on site during the projects and has a very professional crew.

Nathan A. (source: