At M.A. THOMPSON we take immense pride in delivering top-quality roofing services to our valued customers. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with homeowners throughout the Pittsburgh region, helping them protect their properties with sturdy and dependable roofs.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of countless clients, and we are delighted to share their experiences with you.

Whether you are considering a roofing repair, replacement, or any other roofing service, we hope these testimonials will provide you with the confidence to choose M.A. THOMPSON. We look forward to serving you and adding you to our list of happy customers.

A tree fell and damaged my house/roof the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Mike Thompson and crew arrived late that Friday afternoon to remove tree from roof and perform emergency / temporary repairs. The insurance company wanted to compensate me for “repairs” to the roof, not replacement . Mike offered to talk to the insurance adjustor regarding the need to replace existing roof. The insurance company concurred w/Mike’s assessment. Mike and crew performed all necessary work in a professional and timely matter. A+ for workmanship, communication, and clean-up! I’m one happy customer! 👍Highly recommend MA Thompson Roofing!

– Susan K.  (source:

M A Thompson Roofing was very prompt, very professional, and I had a very strong recommendation from another associate of theirs who would come out to give an estimate but didn’t do roofs the height of mine. He came exactly when he said he was going to and was really thorough in explaining what he was going to do and I thought he would do an excellent job.

– Sue F. (source:

Excellent. Mike made an appointment for Saturday morning to give us an estimate and showed up right on time. He scanned the roof and had an estimate in the mail to us by tuesday. Although he had told us there was about a twelve week lead time, he got to us in about 8 weeks. We were on vacation at the time, so we never saw any of the progress, just the before and after work, which seems very satisfactory. When we got back the yard was cleaned up and (apart from the new roof) there was little evidence that any work had been done.

– Valerie T.  (Source:

They were very good. They come when they say they will, do the job, and clean up. They do good quality work.

– Mary G. (source:

Always on time, neat, and removes any debris. Assistants have roof repair experience. Uses top grade materials. We have used his service for 14 years.

– Kate & Gregg M. (source:

I contacted Mike for an estimate to repair a botched roof replaced from the previous year. I should have contacted Mike initially as he was very prompt and clearly explained the procedure and exactly what was needed for my roof. He returned for multiple site visits, gladly answered many questions and provided a detailed estimate. The total cost was as estimated and there were no hidden expenses. He was also on site the entire time of the roofing work and supervised the repairs. He is not the least expensive, but I feel a fair price, particularly for the quality and attention he provided. I feel extremely glad that I worked with him and the quality of the work he provided.

– Robert O.  (source:

Mike Thompson is very professional and so is his team of workers. They showed up early every morning. They cleaned up amazingly well at the end of each work day.

– William W.  (source:

I used Thompson Roofing about ten years earlier for the back side of my house and was impressed with their efficiency, speed, great care for clean-up and general attitude. The price was not the cheapest, but it was very very fair. Cheap often means bad work, in my opinion. I felt that the price of that first job was quite good. My mistake was in not being patient and using a different roofer the following year to do the second half of the job— the much steeper front side. Long story short, a different roofer did a lousy job, ended up not coming back to address problems, etc etc. Several months after the installation, the shingles were puckered and it looked shabby. Even then, I began to wish I’d waited to get on Thompson’s schedule. During the ensuing years, the front roof exhibited all sorts of visual problems and eventually, I discovered that it was leaking as well. When the remnants of Hurricane Ivan came through and effectively ruined the slowly leaking parts, I knew I had to get back in contact with Thompson Roofing. The owner came out, looked at the roof, shook his head and asked who did it. I explained the problem. He went up and unlike the other roofers that had come out for estimates, seemed very positive that it was bad and improperly installed flashing around the dormers. He told me that due to the recent storms, he wouldn’t be able to get to the job until spring time! But I had learned my lesson and chose to wait. The roof has looked good as well as performed perfectly since that time and I am very pleased that I waited for Thompson. This work was all performed before Angie’s List was part of my home owner’s reference/tool kit! I was happy to see the company listed here and decided to submit this review.

–  Lisa G. (source: